Mistakes you may be making while Rowing



To row in the right manner is actually very crucial. If row wrongly it can cause you a serious injury which I am sure is not something you want. So the question is what how do you row correctly or what are the mistakes that you need to avoid? Below in this article I am going to provide you with 2 mistakes most people make while rowing that you should definitely avoid.

Rowing in the wrong order

When you buy a new rower you may feel that moving your hands and legs at the same time is the right way to row but that is not the case. rowing is an exercise where you need to move each part of your body simultaneously. You need to push with your legs then move backwards in a leaning pose and pull the handle with your hands.

Hunching your back while rowing

Most beginners make the mistake of hunching their back while rowing which is actually quite wrong and is something that should be rectified immediately. While you row you should make sure that your back is straight. If you hunch while rowing you risk the chance of seriously injuring your spine


 The video below will teach you how to row correctly